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Hi, Are there any Macedonians in Cambodia or am I the only one??
Posted in: Macedonians in Cambodia 2 Years ago

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Posted in: Macedonians in Cambodia 2 Years ago
Hi there! It doesn`t look like there`s lot`s of traffic on this website but I`ll
give it a go! My name is Ana originally I am from Macedonia but I`ve been living
in the Netherlands for almost my whole life. I used to live in Addis Ababa for 4
months and recently I`ve returned back to the Nederlands since my research has
come to an end. In about few months I`ll be hitting back to Addis Ababa and this
time probably for about 2 years. Are there any Macedonians in Addis, that might
be looking for a company? Last time i was in Addis I managed to meet lots of
Dutch people, unfortunately, I didn`t succeed to meet any Macedonians. Cheers!
Posted in: Macedonians in Ethiopia 2 Months ago